Ten Second Film Festival is accepting submissions


(Yes, I took this amazing picture at last year's event)

Attention amateur filmmakers: The Soap Factory is once again hosting the Ten Second Film Festival after the Fourth of July fireworks. In order to do this, they're going to need films to screen. It's time to bust out your camera phone and get crackin'.

The criteria for entrance are simple: Films must be ten seconds in length, and be really cool. Each piece of work will be judged by curators, then winner are deemed based on a panel of local celebrity judges and audience reactions at the screening. Past categories have included Film Noir, Most Disturbing, Best Sound, and What the Hell Am I Looking At?

Entrants are encouraged to use alternative and low-fi film methods including camera phones, iPods, and digital cameras with recording options. Sound is also great. Submissions can be emailed, and are being accepted through June 1. For more information, check out We've included some past winners below.