Ten last-minute gift ideas for book lovers


While toy stores, Target, and department stores are pretty picked over by now, many bookstores should still have a healthy selection. So don’t fret: Here's a list of 10 gift ideas for word-loving folks in your life.

Books (or gift cards) from indie bookstores 
Hot tip: Indie booksellers know their stuff. Like a good wine sommelier, they can listen to what you know about the reader you’re buying for and make an informed recommendation. So leave the decision making to the pros. We’re lucky to have a slew of fantastic local bookstores in the Twin Cities, including Magers & Quinn, Micawber’s Books, Moon Palace Books, the brand-new Milkweed Books, and so many more. Bonus points if you find a book by a local author or publisher.



Into: Minneapolis 
This city-inspired publication just launched its Minneapolis edition, and it’s beautiful. The book showcases a complex and honest Minneapolis through the artistic work of 40 local visual artists and writers. The diverse pieces with local roots makes this a perfect and unique gift idea for the proud Minneapolitan in your life.


Tote bags 
Tote bags will never go out of style for the book-carrying individuals in your life. So help them lug those beloved books. For eye-catching tote bags (and other bookish accessories), Out of Print Clothing’s classic collection is excellent. Awaken some nostalgia with the Nancy Drew bag, or get philosophical with Kafka’s Metamorphosis bag.



Books-scented candles.
Ever heard a friend say that they love the smell of old books? Do you have a friend who vows to always buy print books no matter how sleek the new e-readers get? Get them an old books scented candle, and they can bask in the warm glow of their luddite ideals.



Book-inspired coasters
Do you know someone who is as fastidious about their tabletops as they are over their word choices? Does their disapproval about cup stains on their coffee table feel similar to the disapproval when they see (and must correct) a typo in a public place? Help them combat these two anxieties with delightful dictionary coasters for the win.


For people who love booze and books
We know a lot of readers and writers who love their whiskey. If you do, too, then these literary quote-inscribed glasses fit the bill.


Shakespearan fashion
Know a fella who loves Shakespeare, and wants everyone else to know it, too? This tie will make them proud.


Book journals
For avid readers who like to reflect on and chew over their reactions to the books the read, a book journal (such as this one) is a great way for them to keep a log of what they read.


Part of the fun of buying books is displaying them on bookshelves. A unique set of bookends could add an extra touch of beauty to a room. Etsy has a ton of options to choose from; here are a pair of mountain bookends that are really eye catching.

Take your reader out to a literary event
Reading is usually a solitary, intimate act. But don’t let that fool you: We readers love to talk about the books we love. Give the gift of quality time by going to an event together, such Books & Bars. Buy them a drink, and let the literary fun ensue.