Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember

Don't buy your mustache, go homegrown
Don't buy your mustache, go homegrown

So, you're planning on growing a mustache for Movember, but you're looking for a bit of inspiration. No one wants some boring, run-of-the-mill 'stache, after all.

Fear not, facial hair fanatics: a quick trip down mustache memory lane reveals there are plenty of styles for all types of testosterone levels and social norms. So while you could just follow the lead of Tom Selleck, the unofficial Patron Saint of the 'Stache, remember that Movember is supposed to be fun (well, along with raising awareness for prostate and other men's cancers). So come take a look to these famous flavor-savers as examples to help make this month mustache-tastic.

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember
Photo by Mark Marek Photography


Mustache Style: The Franz Josef

If you're looking for a style that'll keep your cheeks warm as the temperature starts to drop,  or if you currently have a full beard that you're going to shave off anyway, look no further than the Motörhead frontman's marriage of mustache and muttonchops. That being said, if you also start to develop Lemmy's facewarts, you should probably go see a doctor ASAP.


Mustache Style: The Handlebar

While a 9-13 W-L record this season is nothing to celebrate, the ace of the Twins pitching staff (by default, if we're being honest) does have one of the sweetest 'staches in the big leagues when he decides to grow it out (again, by default as there's not a lot of mustaches in the majors these days, unfortunately).

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Mario

We're not saying Mario's staying power within video games has anything to do with his mustache, but the guy's been around basically since arcades came into existence (not to mention he's managed to outlive them) and never once has he been seen sans-'stash. Coincidence? Do The Mario and find out for yourself.


Mustache Style: The Pencil

If you want to give a nod to Old Hollywood, or simply don't mind looking like a creep, why not rock the style also referred to as "The Mouthbrow?" Hey, if it was good enough for Morris Day, it's certainly good enough for Movember!

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Pre-pubescent

If you'd like to show your Movember support even though you may be follicle-challenged, just work with what you've got. No one can fault you for trying, but be prepared for some friendly reminders to shave from your boss. And ladies, if you happen to have your own friend "Tom" like Liz here, there's no better month to slack off on extra grooming.

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Walrus

As most everyone knows, Ol' Steady Neddy is about as conservative as they come, but if there's one way he lets his freak-flag fly, it's with his giant signature pushbroom. If you've got the means to grow a Chia Pet 'stache like Homer's longtime rival here, you kinda have an obligation this month to do so. Make us proud!


Mustache Style: The Winnfield

For years, many have confused the mustache seen here on certified Bad Mutha-shut yo mouth Richard "Shaft" Roundtree as a Fu Manchu. But this 'stache style, coupled with long sideburns, has earned its own moniker, "The Winnfield," named after fellow Bad Mutha-you-know-what-er, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) from Pulp Fiction.

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Chevron

Much like it reads on the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, the Pawnee Parks Department Director keeps it "full, thick, and square," and shows off what could be considered a perfect set of face bristles. However, you may have to track down a set of U.S. Army issued mustache trimmers (one of the few things Swanson will publically endorse) to achieve this greatness.

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Horseshoe

The likes of Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds may get all the lip foliage fame, but has anyone ever seen Sam Elliott without a rugged-looking Horseshoe throughout his storied career? Legend has it he was born with it, along with his gravelly-but-smooth-like-honey voice. Rock your own Horseshoe and get lucky this month!

Ten inspirational mustaches for Movember


Mustache Style: The Dali

If we've learned anything thus far in our look back at famous mustaches over the years, it's that there really are no rules. If you've got a nose neighbor that's a work of art, now's the time to show the world your masterpiece mustachio. So bust out the wax and get to sculpting. Take advantage now, because you're not gonna be able to get away with this in December without being labeled as "that dude with the weird mustache."

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