Teen Witch and Teen Wolf screen at Drinky Drive-In tonight

Teen Witch and Teen Wolf screen at Drinky Drive-In tonight

As any 30-year-old still watching 90210 knows, there's nothing more entertaining than teenage shenanigans. Throw in some monsters and supernatural powers and you have a flick filled with some awesome hilarity (if only actually being a teenager had been this funny). Tonight, bar-goers can overdose on raging hormones and perhaps learn some important life lesson at Drinky Drive-In, which will be screening Teen Witch and Teen Wolf back-to-back.

Teen Witch (1989) tells the tale of a social reject whose magical witch powers awaken on her 16th birthday. Like any teenager would, she uses her newfound skills to make herself popular. But will she eventually learn that self-confidence is the only true magic out there? This movie features fabulous '80s fashion, one of the worst rap scenes ever committed to celluloid (watch below), and Zelda Rubenstein. Teen Wolf (1985) stars Michael J. Fox and includes werewolves, basketball, and romance--all in one movie.

Both films will screen at downtown Grumpy's (1111 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.340.9738) tonight with Teen Witch starting at 8 p.m. Admission is free, and Minnesota beers and bottles of wine will be half off during the night.

You can check out the trailers for both films below. If you don't mind being spoiled, be sure to watch the massively unfortunate rap-fight as well.

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