Target sorry for 'Minnesota Badgers' onesies

Twitter @kilecarp

Twitter @kilecarp

Finally, Minnesota can stop blaming some East Coast elite or West Coast free spirit for not knowing a basic fact about us.

This time, it's our fault. Or Target's, according to a tweet posted Sunday by a Minneapolis woman named Kileigh who identifies herself as a "Proud #UMN alum." 

You don't need to have graduated from the University of Minnesota or anywhere, really, to spot there's something very basically wrong with this article of clothing, which we've since learned is a onesie. 

Kileigh was shopping at the Target at the Quarry in northeast Minneapolis, according to WCCO. If you wanted to pick a Target where your average shopper either went to the University of Minnesota, is currently enrolled there, or is currently enrolling in classes there while already wearing a University of Minnesota onesie, the Quarry Target is that Target.

Imagine all the people who would've had to be involved in designing, approving, producing, and placing this cursed onesie on a shelf. Not one of them noticed the school nickname was not just wrong, but belonged to Minnesota's neighbor and (hated! Well anyway we hate them!) rival?

Target replied to the original picture call-out, asking for more information. 

Later, Target explained the mix-up in a statement to WCCO by saying, essentially: ope!

“Color us red. As a Minnesota-based company, we know we are home to the Gophers.”

Sorry: Color you... red? Red like... Wisconsin... the school whose mascot you just mixed-up with the hometown one?

Kileigh, for her part, seems fine with all this --

--though we suspect roughly seven mid-level managers at Target Corporate, all of them named Marcus, will be very much not fine in their 9:00 a.m. meeting.