Target employees shame 'Dr. Who's' John Barrowman for trying to help a homeless man

A upset John Barrowman explains what happened via Twitter

A upset John Barrowman explains what happened via Twitter

After purchasing items from a West Hollywood Target for a homeless person, actor John Barrowman was surprised to receive a lecture from employees scolding him for his act of kindness.  

When Barrowman (Arrow, Dr. Who, Torchwood) tried to buy a $40 gift certificate, a jacket, and a shirt at the Hollywood Target at La Brea and Santa Monica, staff told him that he "was not allowed to do that." According to Barrowman, folks waiting in line behind him were as confused as he was about the situation.

Now Barrowman is pissed, and taking to Twitter.

"How dare you as a customer tell me who I am allowed to buy for and what I am allowed to buy," he says in a video directed at the corporation.

Target responded that denying purchases intended for homeless people was not an official store policy, and that it would be checking on the anti-charity employee. 


This time last year, Barrowman was at the Minneapolis Convention Center, bringing his goofy charm to the stage at Wizard World's ComicCon, where he sang a song, changed clothes behind a couch onstage, and talked about his experiences as an openly gay actor and LGBTQ advocate.