Target Data Breach: The Movie coming to a theater near you

Coming to the big screen soon!

Coming to the big screen soon!

If movies like The Net and Hackers taught us anything, it's that hacking and cyber espionage make for a tense and exciting action flick. Add in credit-card data and internet security, and you might have a blockbuster on your hands.

With this in mind, the story of last December's Target breach may soon be heading to the big screen, as Hollywood Reporter recently announced that Sony has inked a deal to make a movie about it.

The film would focus on Brian Krebs, who was the first to break the news that the data of millions of customers had been compromised in the Target breach via his site, The former Washington Post tech writer was the subject of a New York Times article, "Reporting From the Web's Underbelly," which has now been picked up by Sony and will be re-imagined as a movie.

While Krebs looks like your average, preppy, mild-mannered guy, he's a pretty big deal in the digital underground world. Cyber criminals have it out for him, and in the past they have managed to mail things like heroin and fecal matter to his home, have stolen his identity dozens of times, written his name (with profanities and insults as well) in Malware code, and one time they even sent a SWAT team to his place. However, this has not deterred Krebs. The 41-year-old has taught himself to read Russian, which is basically the home country for cyber criminals. For protection, he blogs with a 12-gauge shotgun by his side.

But will all of this make for a good movie? That remains to be seen. No casting or directing announcements have been made yet, though the studio already has a few producers working on the project, and Richard Wenk (The Equalizer) is set to pen the script.