Tantrum Art Collective rages against police brutality, moves toward healing through art


Tantrum Art Collective takes on rage for their latest exhibition at the Fox Egg Gallery. Responding to police violence and the national movements that have risen up since the Ferguson protests, artists in the collective will be showing work that gives voice to righteous anger as well as gestures toward healing. 

The artists in the collective were all inspired by the modes of protest that occurred after the Ferguson events. “That immediate response and resistance gave us a lot of hope,” says group member Kara Knutson. 

The collective began planning the exhibition over a year ago, around the eruption of anger following the killing of Michael Brown, and the subsequent non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed him. Besides art work that will be on view for a month, Thursday night’s event will include a healing ceremony conducted by Keegan Xavi and a poetry reading by Lisa Marie Brimmer. 

Folks may have already encountered an installation created by members of Tantrum Art Collective last summer, which was in a downtown storefront exhibit as part of Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Made Here program. The piece included wire sculptures of trees, created by artist Sayge Carol, with the names of victims killed by police hanging from the branches. 

Carol’s sculptures will be seen as part of the “Rage” exhibition, as will Knutson’s portraits of people killed by police, along with work by the other Tantrum Art Collective members.

Many of the artists also participated in the 4th Precinct Shutdown in north Minneapolis last fall, and were there for the marches. The work they’ll be showing is an artistic response to that activism, as well as expressions of anger over the continued problem of killing at the hands of police.

Joy Spika

Joy Spika



Fox Egg Gallery 

The opening reception takes place from 7-10 p.m. Thursday, January 14

There will also be a closing party on Saturday, February 13, from noon to five

Fox Egg Gallery

3730 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis.