Survey says Twin Cities are 5th most insecure in country


A new survey asking "How good looking do you think you are?" finds that Minnesotans living in the Twin Cities are the fifth-most "insecure" in the country.

That's because we don't consider ourselves perfect tens across the board.

No, really -- the survey asked respondents to guess what others would rate them "on a scale from 1-10 in looks." People in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix tend to be more "vain," according to the survey, while people in Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and Minneapolis-St. Paul rate themselves humbly.

Other questions raised by the poll: Do people in your city have tattoos? Do they smell? And do you know anyone who's gotten butt implants?

The AV Club disputed the survey's results, saying they don't reflect Minnesotans' "insecurity"; instead, it demonstrates that Minnesotans "have a more reasonable assessment of themselves."

They also point out that "butt implants" haven't made their way to Minnesota yet, and there's no need for it.

"We just have our hearty Midwestern constitution and our affinity for sitting on our asses all winter. We have accidental badonkadonk."

Check out the survey results below and let us know if anything here surprises you.

On a scale from 1-10 in looks, respondents say that they believe other people would rate them a:

One: 3%
Two: 2%
Three: 3%
Four: 4%
Five: 16%
Six: 16%
Seven: 24%
Eight: 20%
Nine: 5%
Ten: 7%

When asked about the looks of the other local residents of their
cities, the following percentage of respondents agreed with each statement.

People in my city have tattoos: 59%
People in my city are overweight: 50%
People in my city are athletic: 47%
Women in my city are beautiful: 46%
People in my city are superficial: 36%
Men in my city are handsome: 36%
People in my city dress badly: 28%
Men in my city are metrosexual: 22%
People in my city have bad personal hygiene: 19%
Men in my city are short: 18%

Percent of respondents who said they knew someone who had the following cosmetic procedure:

Breast implants: 23%
Laser hair removal: 20%
Botox/Dysport: 13%
Tummy tuck: 13%
Nose job/rhinoplasty: 12%
Liposuction: 12%
Facelift: 12%
Eyelid surgery: 10%
Collagen injections: 8%
Hair transplant: 8%
Lip enhancement: 6%
Brow lift: 6%
Butt implant: 4%

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