Summer Guide Style 2014: Behind the Scenes

Longer, languid days are upon us, that post-vernal period when everything seems to slow down and chill out. But we Minnesotans don’t have time to be lazy -- we know all too well that every day of June, July, and August brings us ever closer to December, January, and February. So what do we do to soak up the fleeting warm season? We kick it into high gear with festivals, outdoor concerts, patio dining, and trips to the pool. We plunge into lakes and flock to block parties.

Photos by Emily Utne
Hair by Chrissy Erjavec
Makeup by Amber Phillips
Styling by Emily Utne and Behtsee Millman
Modeling by Emily and Tasia with Ignite Models and Melissa Do

Special thanks to:
Two Pony Gardens, Cliché, Showroom, Heart of Tibet, Kazana, June, Ghost Dancer, and Mona Nunez