Studio Bricolage presents patato clocks, yam sculptures at a party for grown-ups

Sometimes parties can get you to try things you wouldn't normally attempt, like egg-tosses or water-balloon fights. Local organization Studio Bricolage has created "a creative playground for adventurous adults" for exactly this kind of rambunctious experimentation.

The word "bricolage" refers to the act of tinkering, and, through trial and error, making something out of the materials that are on hand. Every first Friday of the month Studio Bricolage presents a theme party. Past themes have involved wood, electricity, and ice. Participants get to create and experiment on that theme. [jump]

This month's theme is "YAM!" Basically, this means that people will be able to play with their food. Those attending Friday's workshop will have the opportunity to try their hand at turning veggies on a wood lathe, building vegetable structures using other wood-working techniques, making vegetable musical instruments, and constructing the ever-famous potato-powered clock. And when all of that is over, participants will be able to fry up their veggie creations in tempura batter.

The party takes place in Leonardo's Basement, an educational space that encourages people of all ages to experiment and build creative projects using art, science, and technology. It's also a place to get messy and geek out.

Visit Studio Bricolage at Leonardo's Basement (4301 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis) for YAM! from 7 to 10 p.m. this Friday, June 3. Admission costs $15 at the door, and includes materials, snacks, and beverages. There is no pre-registration required. Entrance to Leonardo's Basement is on 43rd Street under Anodyne Coffeehouse.