Stuck Between Stations trailer features Josh Hartnett, Lookbook

Zoe Lister Jones, Sam Rosen, and Brady Kiernan
Zoe Lister Jones, Sam Rosen, and Brady Kiernan

Twin City actors, musicians, and the city itself are prominently featured in Stuck Between Stations, an indie flick directed by Brady Kiernan.

The trailer includes shots of First Avenue, the Walker Art bridge, bike riding, and music by the dearly departed Lookbook.

Also: Josh Hartnett.

"Stuck Between Stations" is pretty much a love letter to the Twin Cities. The film chronicles the reunion between a veteran (Sam Rosen) and the whip-smart girl who got away back in high school (Zoe Lister Jones). Over the course of one night, the unlikely couple traipses through a virtual Visitor's Bureau reel of local landmarks.

The film creators are a roster of Local Boys Made Good. Co-written by native Nat Bennett and Rosen, Stuck Between Stations takes its name and attitude from the Hold Steady's rambling ode that name checks local geography. The aforementioned Hartnett also plays a fun role that pays tribute to our city's thriving bike culture.

"Stuck Between Stations" Movie Trailer from Stuck Between Stations on Vimeo.

City Pages in conjunction with MPLS.TV made a short behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Stuck Between Stations:
  Continuing Coverage:

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