Street Style: Bright colors and vibrant prints at Live Fashion Gallery

Statement coats, blazers, and skirts made for standout outfits at Live Fashion Gallery.

Statement coats, blazers, and skirts made for standout outfits at Live Fashion Gallery. Ellen Lawson

Attendees of the Live Fashion Gallery at Clockwerks Brewing on January 15 busted through the January greys with a bit of color pop and vibrant patterns. 

Ian Oundo
33, project manager, fashion designer/small business owner

What are you wearing? My entire outfit with the exception of the Fedora is Alfani, and bought at Macy's. 

Describe your style: I think style is a snapshot of how one feels at that particular moment in time. So I usually dress up the way I feel, and that day I felt like being very vibrant, warm and colorful.

Favorite designer? Ralph Lauren.

Mara Dietrich 
23, sales consultant at Posh Bridal Couture, founder of Mara Marie Bridal 

What are you wearing? A vintage coat from Savers, black romper from Zara, black tights from Target, Christian Louboutin pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. 

Describe your style: Classic with a modern twist. 

Favorite designer? Coco Chanel. She gave women the freedom they needed in fashion and she didn’t need millions of dollars to start her lasting legacy. 

Taylor Hage
27, Style Blogger at, social services 

What are you wearing? Topshop jacquard jacket and velvet bodysuit, Joes Jeans, Steve Madden Sharini boots, Kate Spade Byrdie bag. 

Describe your style: I love wearing chic street style looks, but also love to throw on a LBD for a night out with the girls.

Hardest part of dressing up in the winter? Knowing that no one will see the carefully planned outfit I am wearing under all the layers of winter outerwear. 

Ashleyn Przedwiecki

26, non-profit communications, costume designer turned ethical fashion advocate

What are you wearing? Raven + Lily top, skirt from Buffalo Exchange, Trades of Hope necklace, Parker Clay tote.

Describe your style:
After working in the textile industry and seeing the environmental and social impact, I shifted my wardrobe to contain clothing that embodies ethical or sustainable practices. Not only has this transition opened up my eyes, I feel more creative in the boundaries of shopping secondhand, fair trade, or ethically sourced.