Street Style: 4 iconic looks from the Bey Ball at First Ave

Get in formation.

Get in formation. Ellen Lawson

The Bey Ball at First Ave on December 23 inspired the kind of fierce, confident, pants-optional fashion that would make Beyoncé proud.

Akoprach Onyongo
21, Host/Model

What are you wearing? Ann Klein jacket, skirt from Rainbow, and some black combat boots. 

Describe your style: My style is different. I'm big on skirts and a cute top to match when I go out. But I switch it up often.

How has your style evolved over the last year? I started modeling about a year ago. I used to stick to what I knew, but modeling has made me fall in love with all kinds of different styles.

Nick Hooks 
Stylist/Event Curator/Consultant 

What are you wearing? Bailey of Hollywood hat, Forever 21 jean jacket, Rag & Bone crew sweater, H&M Jeans, ASOS Chelsea boots. 

Describe your style: My style continues to be a mood board, it's a blend of different styles and whatever I choose to wear I’m extremely confident in that choice. 

What is your favorite iconic Beyoncé style or outfit? I can't limit Queen Bey to one favorite. Met Ball 2015 Givenchy Gown, Michael Jackson 2016 Super Bowl Tribute, and the yellow Roberto Cavalli dress she wore in "Hold Up". 

How has your style evolved over the last year?  I’ve been living in black lately, It’s simple yet classic. I think now it’s just a right way to wear the wrong thing. 

Samantha Eubanks Jenkins

38, Director and Preschool Teacher

What are you wearing? Dress, shoes, shawl, and earrings are all Bebe.

Describe your style: Sexy, kind of edgy, but still classy.

What is your favorite iconic Beyoncé style or outfit? Met Gala 2015.

How has your style evolved over the last year? I've been eating healthy and working out, so I feel more confident, this has allowed me to explore more with fashion. My style has become a little riskier but not to over the top.

Dakotah Whiting

21, Content Writer & Web Designer at TSM

What are you wearing?
Forever 21 black polka-dot sheer dress, black leotard from H&M.

Describe your style: I think of my style as an extension of my personality. I like to piece together clothing that I find at second hand stores and create unique outfits that no one else has.

How has your style evolved over the last year? My style has become more confident over the year. I stopped wearing bras and became less interested in the opinions of others in terms of style. I think it’s important to wear what you want and be proud of it.