Strange Girls' witchy artists' market with plenty of brew (and other art happenings worth your time)


This is a good weekend to celebrate Twin Cities artists old and new, and to appreciate the connections, collaborations, and partnerships between artists in this town that make the community strong. Here are our top picks for art happenings.

Strange City Night Market 

Where it’s at: Modist Brewing Company, 505 N. Third. St., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Get your witchy groove on with A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, a consortium of creative trans and cis women, non-binary folks, and genderqueer artists making and creating in the Twin Cities. They’ll be selling their wares: printed T-shirts, leather accouterments, candles, botanical tinctures, aerial silks, sculptures, apothecary items, and more. The market will be accompanied by DJ sets, and food trucks will be there for sustenance. Plus, of course, there will be beer.

Why you should go: Modist Brewing is turning out to be a hot spot for arts-related events. Located right by the Twins stadium, Modist’s wide open space has been host to art openings and other events for a while now. It’s no wonder why; beer usually makes any arts event a bit better, no?

When: 6 p.m. Saturday to midnight Sunday.

(Alex Kuno)

Devil’s in the Details

Where it’s at: Rogue Buddha Gallery, 357 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Artists Alex Kuno, Rudy Fig, Michael Thomsen, and Nicholas Harper will be showing work at Rogue Buddha Gallery for a pre-Art-A-Whirl northeast Minneapolis shindig that will carry through next week’s festivities. The three painters and one sculptor walk a balancing act between whimsy and dark undertones, and all share a nod to classical traditions.

Why you should go: Rogue Buddha is always on the “must” list for Art-A-Whirl, but here’s a chance to enjoy a show before the crowds. Stop by and see these four stellar Twin Cities artists sharing their macabre delights and fanciful explorations.

When: 6 to 10 p.m. Friday.

Rosalux Gallery 15-Year Anniversary Celebration 

Where: Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren St NE, Ste 195, Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Time sure does fly. It’s been 15 years since Rosalux Gallery was born, becoming one of the longest run artist-run gallery spaces around. To celebrate, the artist collective is hosting a party featuring work by current and former Rosalux artists, and issuing a limited-edition book about Rosalux’s history.

Why you should go: Fifteen years in art-world years is a long time, and it’s even more impressive that Rosalux did it this long as an artist collective. The event will be a chance to look back at all the wonderful artists Rosalux has bolstered throughout the years.

When: 7-10 p.m. Saturday.

Inner Architecture // Carley McHenry

Where it’s at: Showroom, 615 W. Lake St., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Rochester-based artist Carley McHenry will be showing her collection of original paintings exploring the “inner architecture” of humans. Partially figurative, partially abstract, McHenry’s impressionistic brush strokes are juxtaposed with magnifying glass-like focal points, allowing viewers to take a deeper look.

Why you should go: Human beings may be mostly water, but even with all that liquid, there’s a structure there that holds us up: There’s our bones and muscles, but also character, resilience, and inner strength keeps us on our feet in rough times. McHenry’s explorations of the body address these structures -- biological and spiritual -- that hold us up.

When: 5-8 p.m. Saturday.