Stout beer, a pop-up market, south Minneapolis photography: 3 free things to do this week

"In the Company of Others"

"In the Company of Others" Den-Zell Gilliard

Here's some free stuff to check out this week.

Stout Week
Groveland Tap

It’s Stout Week at the Groveland Tap. Most tap takeovers are a one-and-done event where a hip brewery backs up their truck and empties a few special kegs over the course of a single night. Here, however, the neighborhood bar and grill will be offering 30 different jet-black stouts on tap for seven days. Get the Freehouse’s Infinity, or local heavy-hitters like Summit Dark Infusion and Fulton’s Barrel-Aged War and Peace, and then compare them to sought-after out-of-state options like Toppling Goliath’s Mornin’ Latte, Founders’ KBS, or Dogfish Head’s Smothered in Hugs. Free. 1834 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul; 651-699-5058. Monday through Sunday --Loren Green

In the Company of Others
Gordon Parks Gallery

Photographer Den-Zell Gilliard works within the communities he’s part of in Minneapolis. Mentored by local photographers Wing Young Huie and Inna Valin, and inspired by iconic documentary photographer Gordon Parks, Gilliard captures his subjects in their most quiet, active, or rapturous moments: while in prayer, in a raucous tumble on the basketball court, in the middle of an infectious laugh. In essence, Gilliard captures life as it’s lived. John Schuerman, whose empathy, compassion, and artistry is boundless, has curated this solo exhibition. “Gilliard is a young street photographer and lifelong resident of south Minneapolis,” he says. “He never stages his shots, but shoots from life as it happens in the communities he inhabits.” There will be a public reception and gallery talk from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, February 7. Free. 645 E. Seventh St., (Library and Learning Center, Metro State University), St. Paul; 651-793-1631. Through February 21 --Camille LeFevre

Made By Hands Mini Market
Bauhaus Brew Labs

Local makers and craft beer comes together again at this cozy pop-up event at Bauhaus Brew Labs. Grab a beer and check out a variety of cool things made... by hand. LaLunette's jewelry is both bold and delicate, Fair Anita makes statement pieces, somtimes literally, and Third Daughter,Restless Daughter creates cool cross-stitch pieces inspired by Rick & Morty, The Simpson, and Bob's Burgers. Other participants this week include Allison Hamel, Kerri Ann, Mandy by Mandy, Janna Brom Palkowski, and Kate Winkel. Thursday, 4 to10 p.m. 1315 Tyler St. NE, Minneapolis; 612-276-6911. --Jessica Armbruster

Made by Hands

Made by Hands L-R: Fair Anita; Third Daughter, Restless Daughter; Made By Mandy