Storefront-in-a-Box brings entertainment to Uptown this summer

Storefront-in-a-Box brings entertainment to Uptown this summer

(Photo by lovelihood)

Though we're very sad to see Arise! Bookstore close, we really dig the project that will be taking over the space briefly. For the next ten weeks the building will be rented out by the week, with temporary tenants hosting fun parties, workshops, gallery shows, and festivals on topics ranging from geek culture to biking to pop punk.

This week's event, which opens tomorrow, will be a local artists' market. Each week following, a new group moves in. One happening that we're especially excited about is Nerd Party (June 15-21), a week-long festival filled with geeky art, video games, workshops, and film screenings. From June 22 to 28 the space welcomes bike lovers with swap meets, lectures, races, and more. Other cool-sounding events include Pop Punk Emporium (free punk haircuts, trivia nights, music), Theateropolis (an overdose of local theater), and Art Swap in a Box (bring your art to trade with for another artist).

For a complete schedule of events, visit The storefront is located at 2441 Lyndale Avenue South. After the project ends in mid-August, the space will reopen as a progressive/radical bookstore, Boneshaker Books.

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