'Stitched Paintings' by Faye Hoch opens tonight

In her artist statement, Faye Hoch declares her love for a stitched line and the possibilities of creating art with fabric. "My love for cloth is multifaceted," she writes. "But my fascination with the stitched line is what propels me to create art. All quilting involves artistic choices; the ability to create with cloth is limitless."

She demonstrates this endless possibilities in her show, titled "Stitched Paintings." It opens today at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center.


Hoch's pieces involve a multi-step process of first layering black-and-white paint in designs that mirror her feelings and thoughts until she sees an idea emerge. She emphasizes that idea to make it stronger for people who will see the painting. She then takes her art even further by putting away her paint and bringing out thread. "With stitching, I can either mimic the strokes I've made with paint or I can choose to create additional design. As a fiber artist, I believe the stitching is what brings each piece to life. Stitching gives the work texture, depth and creates a statement that is uniquely my own."

You can check out Hoch's work beginning tonight with an opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. "Stitched Paintings" will be on display through September 18.