Steve-O at House of Comedy: "A fart in any language is hilarious"

Steve-O at House of Comedy: "A fart in any language is hilarious"

What do fire, blood, staples, scrotums, and standup comedy have in common? Steve-O.

The Jackass alum has been lit up, stapled shut, and puked his guts out for audiences all over the world. But it turns out he's pretty funny with his words, too.

This week, Steve-O returns to the Twin Cities for four nights of extreme hilarity at the House of Comedy, where he'll be laying down wildly personal stories (the letters "TMI" mean nothing to Steve-O), jokes that Jackass fans will love, and even a few stunts. 

Before he lights up the crowd (and possibly himself), we chatted with the stuntman/standup/game-show host about his comedy career, and how he is the barometer for the downfall of society.

Last time you were here was a couple of years ago, when you were just starting to really ramp up your standup career. Did you think you'd still be doing this years later?

I don't know if I thought I'd last, but I'm really happy to still be doing standup. I feel like I've found my stride and my voice, and I'm loving it. I've toured relentlessly for the past few years doing comedy, and have been in 15 different countries. It's been amazing.

Does your comedy translate in other countries?

My type of humor is universal. I mean, a fart in any language is hilarious. Honestly, if you were a fan of Jackass, it's pretty safe to say you'll enjoy my show. Plus, people are really interested in the social commentary that is Jackass. They look at the show as the barometer of society's downfall, which is really funny to me and probably pretty accurate.

Now that you've been touring for a few years as a standup, do you think people still come to your shows expecting crazy stunts? Or are they looking at you as a comedian?

I'm not really sure what people's expectations are, but my shows have definitely become more about comedy, with a few special things at the end. I think if I'm in a comedy club doing shows, people know to expect comedy, and the stunts I do at the end are just a little bonus.

Steve-O at House of Comedy: "A fart in any language is hilarious"

So do you ever think about getting away from the stunts?

Dude, I love doing those. I try and do things that aren't really damaging to me, but I also enjoy doing stunts that go over the best with audiences. I'm not saying my stunts are super low impact and you're going to be disappointed, because that's not it at all. I just have a good sense of what stunts go over best and those are the ones I stick with.

Aside from being a standup, you're also a game-show host on Killer Karaoke and an advocate for various causes. Do you think you've gotten to that point where people don't immediately think of you as "that guy from Jackass"?

I don't know, but that sounds great to me. Truthfully, I'm not trying to overcome the Jackass stereotypes or anything like that. I'm continuing to evolve as a performer, but I have no intention of betraying the Jackass brand. My sense of humor has never really changed.

Your shows are also pretty unique because of how fan-friendly you are, right?

Absolutely. I'm so grateful for people coming out to my shows that I treat everyone who buys a ticket like they have a backstage pass. I'll take a picture with everyone who wants one, and talk with every single fan if they want to. It's really cool that people come see me do this, and I want to show them that I appreciate it.


7:30 p.m. Thursday through Friday; 7 p.m. Saturday through Sunday; 9:45 p.m. Friday; 9:30 p.m. Saturday 
Rick Bronson's House of Comedy
18+; 21+ later shows
$24.50 admission
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