Staraoke Karaoke, Brit's Holiday Pub Quiz: Freeloader Friday... on Thursday

With only two days until Christmas left most of our schedules are crammed to the point of exploding, filled with snow shoveling, shopping, travel arrangements, office parties, more shopping, and Christmas reruns. Anxieties run high as family dynamics clash, flights get delayed, and your credit card bill makes its way to you through the mail like an unwanted Christmas card. Fear not: Though this time of year is the most stressful of all, there are still opportunities to sneak out for a music show, to grab a beer with friends, and to dance all of your frustrations away. While this edition of Freeloader Friday is a little smaller than usual, we've still got a pretty fun list of free stuff to do through Sunday.

[jump] THURSDAY:

Holiday Pub Quiz

(Brit's Pub, 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, 612.332.3908,

John Cosgrove hosts trivia rounds featuring music, pictures, and pop culture. 6 p.m.


Christmas Blues Bash

(Dixie's On Grand, 695 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651.222.7345,

With Curtis Blake and Greazy Gravy. 7 p.m.

Chemistry Set, Jennifer Markey & the Tennessee Snowpants

(331 Club, 331 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, 612.331.1746)

9:30 p.m.

Chiefs of the North, Barnyard Dog, Ghost Towns of the West

(501 Club, 501 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.338.3848)

9 p.m.

God Came from Space, Drug Budget, Kentucky Beltfight

(Hexagon Bar, 2600 27th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.722.3454)

9 p.m.


Funky Christmas

(Spring Street Tavern, 355 NE Monroe St., Minneapolis; 612.627.9123)

Featuring DJs Shannon Blowtorch and So Supreme spinning funky X-mas jams from James Brown, Run DMC, and other soul and hip hop artists. 9 p.m.


The Sex Rays, Brian Herb, Eddy Burke

(Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.721.6211)

10 p.m.


(Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.333.7399)

Hosted by Arzu, sing holiday-themed tunes just scream out your seasonal frustrations through heavy metal. 9 p.m.



Hardcore Crayons, With a Gun for a Face, the Great Confinement, the Citizen Relief

(Fine Line Music Café, 318 First Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612.338.8100)

7 p.m.


Wells Fargo Winter Skate

(Rice Park, 109 W. 4th St., St. Paul)

Flash your Wells Fargo check or credit card for a free skate rental. For times, visit Through Feb. 6, 2011.