Standup meets video at Clips 'n Bits Show


There are tons of really funny comedians in the Twin Cities. There's also a ton of really funny videos on the internet. It was only a matter of time before someone put those two things together.

This Thursday, the best of standup comedy meets the best of the internet at Comedy Corner Underground for the monthly Clips 'n Bits Show.

[jump] Taking place on the fourth Thursday of each month, the show features seven to eight of the area's best comedians, who are each given 10 minutes. Unlike your standard showcase, each performer is allowed to do pretty much whatever he or she wants, as long as it touches on video clips or comedy bits (hence the name).

"The nature of being a comedian is that you're always working on other projects outside of just your standup," says Jenn Schaal, one of the event's creators. "Once people come to see you a few times, they start to get familiar with your jokes and know what to expect. What Maggie [Faris, co-creator of Clips 'n Bits] and I wanted to do was create something different where comedians can showcase other stuff they're working on, or just do something totally different."

This week's show features some of the Twin Cities' very best up-and-coming comedians, including Gus Lynch, Lainie Lenertz, Ali Sultan, and more. Since its inception over a year and a half ago, the show has managed to consistently attract some of the funniest and most creative performers from all over town.


"One time Mark Nusbaum made a video of himself doing standup in his living room, then he got up as another character and heckled and interacted with himself," Schaal says of one of the more memorable sets during a past show.

"Another time, Tommy Ryman did his jokes while he played YouTube videos of puppies. Liz Donohue one time got up and Googled the title of each one of her jokes, and then showed the image results. The whole point of the show for the comedians is to stretch their muscles and try something new."

Even though the evening has gained a strong foothold in the Twin Cities comedy community, both in terms of creativity and quality of performers, Schaal insists that the show hasn't lost any of its bare-bones charm.

"There's always some kind of a glitch during the show. Every single show," she laughs.

In addition to the featured comedians, another highlight of the evening is the "Viral Clip of the Week," where the hosts select their favorite video on the interwebs of the moment. So what exactly is making Schaal laugh this week?

"It's not even a question: [local comedian] Chris Knutson's video of the teddy bear. It's a done deal."


Clips N Bits

Comedy Corner Underground

Thursday, June 26

Doors 7:30 p.m., Show 8 p.m.

18+; $5

Click here for more details