Standup Kelly Taylor's B-movie with Michael Madsen


It will be a change of pace for Kelly Taylor when he appears at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy in Bloomington this week. The Canadian standup has been busy making a movie as well as doing a bunch of gigs for corporate clients and at various sporting events.

The movie, called Q4, was filmed in New York and Canada. “I was the lead role alongside Michael Madsen,” he says from his home in the northern reaches of Saskatchewan. “I was the good guy and Michael Madsen was the bad guy. It was surreal doing scenes with him.”

As cool as that sounds, Taylor is quick to point out that it’s not a big Hollywood production. “Don’t get me wrong, this is a real B-movie,” he says with a laugh. “It will never get to theaters, probably.”

Taylor was tapped for the role by a director friend who had used him in a previous film. Taylor didn’t believe the film was going to get made. “The director hooked up with a guy in New York and he kept saying he had this movie with all these actors. I didn’t really believe him. Then he showed me a picture with him and Michael Madsen. I was still a little skeptical until I flew down to New York and saw Madsen there on the set.”

Taylor figures he would get more work if he at least lived in Toronto or Vancouver, but hitting the road takes up most of his time. “My career is paying for my kids,” he notes.

It’s a career that’s going nicely. “I started out as a dirty comic, but I found out over time you make better money working clean,” he says. “If you do a clean corporate gig and a funny clean corporate set... your name gets out there. That’s what happened with me, and soon my whole year filled up.”

Most of his time this past year has been spent in his homeland, and he loves every bit of it. And while some of his fellow English-speaking Canadians cast a critical eye toward their countrymen in Quebec, Taylor loves that province. “But you’ve got to watch it a little bit,” he laughs. “Quebec might think they’re better than the rest of Canada. If you go there the waiter will say, ‘Bonjour,’ it seems like he’s in a good mood, but when he hears you speaking English he’ll lose a little of his enthusiasm.”

Taylor has also started performing at high-profile golf tournaments and other sports-related functions like the L.A. Kings’ Stanley Cup celebration party last year. “I’ve got a hockey background, so I can pick these guys apart in a crowd,” he says. “I knew all the different hockey guys.”

Indeed, when he’s here in Minnesota, he reckons he’ll throw some hockey talk into his sets, something he didn’t do at all a few weeks back at the House of Comedy’s sibling club in Phoenix. “Yeah, in Minny I can mess around with hockey,” he states. “I don’t think a lot of comics do talk hockey, so I’ll do that for sure when I’m there.”

Doing so many hockey related sets has led to a dream gig of sorts for Taylor. “I ended up getting the World Junior Hockey tournament in Finland,” he says. “They take you over there, you only have to do a couple of shows, and you get passes for all the games. It’s huge in Canada because it’s really the only time we’re all rooting for the same team, besides the Olympics.”


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