Standup Chris Knutson records debut album at Sisyphus Brewing this Saturday


It's hard to put Chris Knutson's comedy in a box.

He's a standup comic, a filmmaker, an actor, and a rapper. It all just depends on the day. With so many facets to Chris Knutson's comedy, it should come as no surprise that his CD-recording shows, taking place this Saturday at the new Sisyphus Brewing comedy club/event space, will be anything but ordinary.

"I wanted the shows to be very nontraditional, because the CD is going to be very nontraditional," Knutson says. "I'm going to do my standup, but I'm also going to be doing some characters at the show, and then we're going to add in some sketches in post-production [for the album]."

Since beginning his standup career back in 2009, Knutson has established himself as one of the most consistently funny performers on the local comedy scene. And while recording his debut album will be a culmination of the hard work he's put into developing material during that time, he's quick to point out that his comedic perspective has changed.

"To be honest, I'm excited to never do this material again," he laughs. "Not that I'm not proud of it, but I'm excited to start over with a blank palette. Since I started doing comedy, I've had a lot of changes in my life. I'm a dad now, and I've just changed gears as an entertainer."

As someone who is known for having an eclectic style of comedy, it makes sense that Knutson hand-selected a group of diverse and hilarious friends to open for him, including Rana May, Justin Colucci, and Turner Barrowman Casey.


"I wanted performers who I don't think get enough credit or exposure," Knutson says. "They're all so funny. So they might bury me at my own show."

As for what he has planned for the future beyond this album? Knutson says that he's looking forward to pushing his own limits.

"I want these shows and this CD to either be really good or really bad, and then hopefully I'll be motivated to continue creating more things that I'm proud of," he says. "Or I'll just become a dad comic."


Chris Knutson and Friends Blowout Celebration Recording Grand Opening Party

Saturday, September 26

Sisyphus Brewing

8 & 10 p.m., $5 advanced, $10 door

Click here for more details