St. Anthony Main Theatre honors Robin Williams with free movie screening


Sad news broke earlier this week as Robin Williams was found dead in his home. Over his 40-plus-year career, the iconic actor starred in campy TV shows, Oscar-winning dramas, beloved kid flicks, and quirky comedies.

To honor his enduring career, St. Anthony Main Theatre will be offering a free screening this weekend of Dead Poet's Society, one of his most popular movies.

[jump] The film stars Williams as a new teacher at an all boys prep school. Like any good inspirational teacher flick, he managed to instill a love of English, poetry, and subversion through his unconventional and personable teaching methods. Of course, that riles up the WASP-y parents of the teens at the school. The movie also features Ethan Hawke and Kurtwood Smith.

The film screens this Saturday at 7 p.m. at St. Anthony Main Theatre. Admission is free.