Spotlight: The Percussionist, Holiday House


This will probably be the last time we remark on last year's Please Don't Blow Up Mister Boban by Live Action Set, for which the company has earned sufficient accolades. But nearly a year later what sticks in this writer's mind is the show's blend of the disarming and the ballistic. That is, its sweet humanity collided aptly with the physics of the concussion grenade. Anyhow, Live Action Set collaborates with Spaghetti Western String Co. in The Percussionist, another ambitious odd-angle work that rounds out the Walker Art Center and the Southern Theater's "Momentum: New Dance Works" series. Boban pretty much captured lightning in a bottle, with a combination of choreography, clowning, and deeper stuff, and it will be revealing to see what becomes of this pairing with Spaghetti Western, a local acoustic quartet that combines classical strings with banjo, mandolin, guitar, and vocals. Not to put too much pressure on those involved, but this is a must-see night for followers of the local avant-garde (hype duly dispensed). Rounding out the night's bill is the Body Cartography Project's Holiday House, a work that purports to bridge the gap between the languages of live movement and video. (For more on this show, please see the A-List, p. 36.) For a narrative-bound mind such as mine, these kinds of works offer up a psychic space that's unfamiliar and potentially invigorating. If you happen to live there all the time, please stamp my tourist visa.