Spot MN locations in this trailer for 'Wilson,' starring Laura Dern and Woody Harrelson

Hey, those mannequins are totally from the Mall of America!

Hey, those mannequins are totally from the Mall of America!

Last year, City Pages spent the day hanging out on the set of Wilson, a dramedy starring Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern. 

The film, based on a graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, follows Wilson (Harrelson), a neurotic dude who seeks out frank moments with strangers because he's lonely and needy. When he learns that he has a teenage daughter with his ex-wife (Dern), he seeks to reconnect with the two women.

While the novel is set in Chicago and Oakland, filmmakers chose the Twin Cities to set up shop. The Minnesota Snowbate program, which allowed the production to receive a 25 percent return on spendings here, was a major motivation.

"I won't lie," producer Mary Jane Skalski told us onset in 2015. "The fact that Minnesota has an incentive plays a big part to shoot here."

Ultimately, the production filmed at over 50 locations in Minnesota, including the Mall of America, Como Town, and a prison. 

When not working, the crew enjoyed hanging at places like Bar La Grassa, 112 Eatery, and the Local. Harrison was spotted dining at Birchwood Cafe, hanging out at Rock the Garden, and visiting the St. Paul Farmers' Market.

"We all really love it here," said Skalski. "We just keep reminding ourselves you can get quite a doozy of a winter."

The R-rated movie is set to hit theaters on March 24, 2017. The trailer, however, is out now. And while the movie doesn't expressly take place in the Twin Cities, it's fun to play spot the location in every scene. You can check it out below.