Spiritualism and feminist needlepoint at TuckUnder

Spiritualism and feminist needlepoint at TuckUnder
Holly Streekstra

TuckUnder Projects, the gallery at local artist Pete Dreissen's home, gets Halloween started a bit early this year with a body of work, titled Emanations, by Holly Streekstra. The piece transforms the TuckUnder garage into a bit of a haunted-house experience.

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Spiritualism and feminist needlepoint at TuckUnder
Holly Streekstra

A number of Streekstra's works are in miniature. They appear as shrines, sitting atop black or mirrored shelves that encapsulate the objects in significance. The items themselves are loaded with symbolism: an ornate candelabra with light bulbs instead of candles, a miniature wax monument with a red door that is protected with a miniature metal fence. 

They seem vaguely mystical, but not in any kind of tangible way. The objects are more playfully mysterious than actually magical; a séance party trick. 

That's not to say they aren't intriguing to experience. The most enchanting of these works involves a very small object that you might not recognize, but is in fact a latex nose clip (used for swimming) resting on top of a mirror. There's a wonderful layering of the image between the object itself, its reflection, and the double shadow cast on the white wall behind it, floating in a window of light reflected from the mirror. 

Streekstra also hangs various ethereal materials, such as clouds, cobwebs, and various other draperies you might find in a haunted house. Of these, the most interesting is a dustball/cobweb object that hangs subtly from a black shelf. It's large enough that you wouldn't miss it if you were looking at something nearby, but at the same time it's nebulous.

Spiritualism and feminist needlepoint at TuckUnder
Jenny Jenkins 

Along with Streekstra, TuckUnder also is exhibiting Jenny Jenkins's "Driftwool," a series of needlepoint works in the adjoining Leaky Sink Gallery, located in the bathroom. Baring messages such as "Wifey," "Diablo," "Blaze," and "Angel," Jenkins's tongue-in-cheek word art satirizes female stereotypes by utilizing a "feminine" art form. 

TuckUnder is also currently is supporting a new work by Marlaine Cox and Karen Kasel in a residency, called "Look (again)," located in the back yard, where various scoping devices allow you to peer into the garden. 


"Look (again)" runs through November
Streekstra and Jenkins's shows goes through July 28

Unstructured gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment. Please email [email protected] to confirm open hours.
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TuckUnder Gallery

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