Sound art radio program Some Assembly Required goes off the air


Some Assembly Required is a radio program which features samples tracks, soundscapes, sound collages, and other forms of experimental audio art. Though syndicated nationally, the program and its host, Jonathan Nelson call Minneapolis home (the show airs on Radio K). It has recently been announced that after 12 years of interviews, music, and special programming, SAR will be going off the air.

[jump] Before host Jonathan Nelson retires he plans on putting together some special happenings: A Christmas episode is on the schedule, and a compilation CD titled 50/50 will also be released. The final episode is planned for January 23.

Interested in taking a listen? Over the years Nelson has interviewed numerous heavy hitters in the experimental sound community, including DJ Spooky, DJ Qbert, Steve Fisk, Girl Talk, Freddy Fresh, and others. You can download programs for free off of the show's website.