SooVAC screens Bravo's Work of Art, the Next Great Artist

SooVAC screens Bravo's Work of Art, the Next Great Artist

(Pictured: Artistic hopeful Jamie Lynn)

We've watched reality show contestants compete for money, for marriage, and for mediocre modeling careers. In Work of Art, the Next Great Artist, talented creative types will demonstrate their genius through weekly challenges. Should they win, they will have a chance at a career that is growing increasingly elusive: working artist. The Soo Visual Arts Center will screen the show at a special art-themed party.

The event begins at 8 p.m. Show off your art skills during the drawing contest for a chance to win prizes, or share your thoughts with TPT's

MN Original

, which will be taping thoughts on art from partiers. There will also be visual art by Clement Shimizu to add ambience and dazzle the eyes.

Work of Art is a reality show where 14 artists--including Minnesota artist Miles Mendenhall--compete for a chance to exhibit at a major museum. Each week contestants will face a variety of challenges, working to create pieces in a variety of mediums on different themes. China Chow hosts.

The show premiers Wednesday, June 9. The party starts at 8 p.m., with the screening at 10 p.m. SooVAC is located at 2638 Lyndale Avenue South in Uptown Minneapolis.

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