SooVAC is signaling SOS

SooVAC is signaling SOS

In April some of us in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood were startled to find that the Soo Visual Arts Center had closed its doors. We were relieved to find that it was only temporary, they were merely closed as they were relocating next door.

Their future in the new space seemed bright when they re-opened with dual exhibits; their annual "Untitled 7," and "Soo Fuze," which featured great art from teenage artists. Now it looks like the future is uncertain for the organization for real.

Essentially, the bad economy has struck again. Though SooVAC carefully-planned and budgeted their slight relocation, shrinking grants and money lost from closing their doors for four months have taken their toll. Though art shows are still scheduled throughout 2010 and 2011, the space needs to raise $35,000 by September 20 in order to continue. Yikes.

The situation may be dire but the space remains positive, and artists, including past exhibitor Amy Rice, are speaking out in hopes of raising funds. SooVAC is collecting donations via their website, and different levels of contribution get art lovers a selection of cool schwag, including made-to-order tiles and limited edition prints by Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice. Those interested can also check out the Manufactory, a new toy store located in the old ROBOTlove spot. Ten percent of sales at the store go towards the Soo as well.

Click here to donate.

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