SooVAC is looking for new digs, seeks input

It's been 13 years since the Soo Visual Art Center opened its doors in its space in south Minneapolis's Lyn-Lake neighborhood. During that time, the organization has hosted a slew of shows featuring local and national artists; successfully raised funds to stay open when times were dire; mourned the loss of its founder, Suzy Greenberg; and opened a smaller satellite gallery, SOOlocal, further south on Nicollet.

A few weeks ago, the gallery announced at a public forum that it most likely will be moving on to a new location once its lease runs out in the current space.

A few years back, the organization was forced to raise funds in order to stay open. Nowadays, the gallery is thriving to the point where it has a second location for smaller projects and pop-up events. An even better sign that the Soo has bounced back is that it's looking for new digs for its main site, as it is continuing to expand programming. (The gallery is hosting two art shows simultaneously each month on average.)

Although the move is pending, it won't be happening anytime soon, as the organization's lease isn't up until spring of 2015. In the meantime, it's welcoming feedback from art lovers and fans of SooVAC's many projects.

Folks can send thoughts via email to [email protected] or give feedback via the gallery's survey.

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