Sommar on the Veranda at ASI tomorrow night

​It's a shame airfare prices have gone a little over-the-top lately. With airlines trying to recover costs from volcanoes erupting and the economy tanking, how could they not? So those dreaming of a summer getaway will have to wait until it won't break the bank to experience Paris, or any other lovely foreign city, in summer.

But don't get too down about it. For a few hours this Wednesday night, you can pretend you're basking in the summer sun of Sweden, complete with a little lingonberry sorbet at the American Swedish Institute's Sommar on the Veranda event; no baggage fees necessary.

​Established in 1929, the ASI on 26th and Park will play host to this seasonal garden party once again on the picturesque Turnblad mansion veranda. From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday, August 18, visitors can enjoy music and lawn games while noshing on Swedish hot dogs and summer picnic salads. 

And no, thank goodness, Lutefisk will not be present at the event (that's a winter thing, and an unappetizing winter thing at that). But, there will be the Swedish inspired, tailor-made Izzy ice cream flavors including Blue Breeze, Lemon-Lingonberry Sorbet, and the exclusive Swedish Garden Party flavor (available only at ASI). 

​You might also stop in the ASI's current summer exhibit, "My Paradise", which features Finnish architecture and summer homes, depicting the importance of summer in Scandinavian cultures. Living here in Minnesota, we can surely relate to the significance of summer.

The ASI is a historic mansion, cultural center, and museum founded by immigrant newspaperman Swan J. Turnblad. The space provides an avenue for people to share in the traditions, art, and history of Sweden and Scandinavia. 

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