'Some Like It Hot' screens Valentine's Day weekend

This week people are either making plans for Valentine's Day or making plans to avoid it. Loring Theater has figured out how to make everyone happy with the latest screening in their Mimosa Movies series: Billy Wilder's 1959 classic comedy Some Like It Hot, a flick the American Film Institute places at the top of their Funniest American Films list.

At first, the movie doesn't appear to be especially romantic; it seems the only connection it has to V-Day is the fact that the two main characters, played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, witness what looks to be the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre.


Curtis and Lemmon play musicians who quickly realize they must flee in order to avoid the wrath of the mob. They take things one step further by disguising themselves as ladies, and join an all-woman band traveling to Florida. This is when they meet and instantly fall in love with the band's lead singer and ukulele player Sugar Kane, played by Marylin Monroe.

Even if you're solo on Valentine's Day weekend, it'll be easy to get that lovin' feeling watching any one of the dashing main characters on the big screen. And anyone who is able to resist Marylin Monroe playing a ukulele just may not have a heart at all.

Some Like It Hot is showing this Sunday, February 13 at 2 p.m. at Loring Theater (formerly the Music Box), located at 1407 Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis. Tickets are $10, or $12 including one mimosa.