Soap Factory's Haunted Basement turns 10 with new elements


Well, here's another sign that summer is coming to an end soon: Tickets for the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement, one of the scariest Halloween experiences in town, go on sale this Friday.

Haunted Basement X

*CLOSED* The Soap Factory
$25 Wed-Thu; $27 Fri-Sun

This will be the 10th year that the Minneapolis gallery will host the event. Patrons will once again sign a waiver, then make their way down the steep staircase to the dirt-floor basement.

For this year's happening, the cast of actors, artists, performers, and more will be creating terror from real-life inspirations. "This year, in the 10th iteration of the Haunted Basement, the themes of the basement will focus on a twisted view of real-life horrors with our mangled interpretation of a day in the life of a typical tortured soul," states the release.

In addition to regular happenings, which generally involve groups being sent into the basement at staggered times, the Soap Factory will be offering plenty of modified events as well. For those who would like to amp up their experience, Blind Invocation will send patrons into the horrors solo to experience special settings and extra attention from characters. For those who need a lot less stimulation, 'Fraidy Cat tours turn the lights on, and cast the goblins and ghouls out for a more relaxed exploration of the environment. For those who love scares but hate the hands-on experience of the Haunted Basement, no-touch sessions will be available as well.

The Haunted Basement is a little different each year, so often people don't know what to expect until they experience it firsthand. For the inaugural event, explorers were told to hold on to a rope that would lead them through horrors. Another year required every ticketholder to wear a mask. One season asked guests to suit up, as things got really messy. 

Horror fanatics will be able to find out what this year entails in late September.


Haunted Basement X

September 30 through October 31

6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday; 6 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and 6 p.m. to midnight Halloween.

$25 weekdays; $27 weekends

For more info on tickets click here.