Soap Boxing Poetry Slam slings words tonight in St. Paul

The Soap Boxing Poetry Slam competition continues tonight at the Artists' Quarter in St. Paul with three lively rounds of artful poetry slinging. 

This monthly war of words is open to anyone 18 and over with the desire to express what is on their mind. The topic options are endless all spoken-word artists. Do not let the word "slam" deter you--it is friendly competition, focused more on the art than the actual battle. 


These monthly poetry slams also serve as the launching pad for forming the 2011 St. Paul Soap Boxing Slam Team. Those competing during the fall and winter are trying to earn enough points to compete in the Grand Slam in the spring, where the winners will form the next National Poetry Slam team. 

Currently, the 2010 team is number one after edging out 79 other teams at the last National Poetry Slam, which was hosted in St. Paul. Their record is impressive; as are the current slam team members including Shane Hawley, Sierra DeMulder, Khary J., Kyle "Guante" Myhre, Matthew Rucker, and Sam Cook. 

But the soap boxers and poetry slammers want to make sure it is known that the points are not the point. The point is the poetry. The poetry slam began in 1986 in Chicago, and has flourished as an art form with enthusiasts worldwide, stretching throughout the five continents.  

For more, take a peek at the Minnesota Microphone organization, and check out a couple of snippets of some St. Paul team members at the last National Poetry Slam. Tonight at the Artists' Quarter the slam will begin at 8 p.m. with a $5 cover, and spoken word competitors should sign up between 7 and 8 p.m.