Small Dances: Coming to a living room near you

Small Dances: Coming to a living room near you
Photo by Ben McGinley 

For independent choreographer Laura Holway, presenting pieces in a big theater became cost-prohibitive to creating work. So, as an alternative, she's presenting Small Dances in multiple homes around the Twin Cities. The format allows for more of the budget to go toward the artists who actually make the work, and also provides an intimate setting to experience the pieces. 

Small Dances: Coming to a living room near youEXPAND
Photo by Ben McGinley 

Holway took a break from choreographing a few years ago after creating "I Like You," a multimedia performance she presented at the Red Eye Theater. "I was so burned out," she says. She was broke, and tired of losing money every time she put a show together. It was frustrating for her that at performances the audience was mostly other artists. She felt lonely. 

Holway decided to focus on promoting other people's work, instead of making her own. She began a project, called Small Art, with her husband, Ben McGinley. Small Art is an event, presented every three months, where three different artists from different disciplines are featured. The rules of the evening are that the artists must not make something specifically for the event, but rather show a piece or a presentation that they have already created for something else. It takes place in someone's home, and includes wine and socializing. 

Now, Holway is returning to her choreography work with a project, called Small Dances, which was made possible by a Next Step grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. A big part of Holway's Small Dances experiment is being able to make work without going into debt paying for a big theater. Instead, she'll be borrowing from Small Art's concept, presenting dance in an intimate setting. 

The evening includes a series of vignettes without a lot of text. "I'm taking one solo and one duet, and seeing how many ways I can show it," Holway says. Thematically, she delves into the idea of winter and how the season "causes us to look at our demons."

The work veers away from previous dances Holway has created. Rather than gathering movement created by other performers involved in the piece, the movement all comes from herself. 


Small Dances
Choreographed by Laura Holway, and performed by Charles Campbell, Lazer Goese, Erika Hansen and Tom Lloyd
February 13 through March 9
All tickets are pay-as-able, and require an RSVP to [email protected]
For more information, go to

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