Skip the September issue and update your fall look locally



Labor Day weekend is officially upon us, which means it’s time to start shopping for fall. While it’s fun to shop according to the “September issues” of your favorite fashion magazines, that’s not always practical or affordable here in Minnesota, which is why we’ve turned to a few local shops for fall inspiration.

Below are a few of picks, including everything from holographic skirts (yes, really), to the blanket you’re going to be reaching for from October to March

Pleated skirts are having a moment thanks to a few seasons of Gucci. This one from Proper is holographic. Is there anything cooler than that? Not really. Wear it with a white tee and leather jacket for a simple, casual look, or go overboard with a lace top or a bright colored sweater.

Pistachio is an unexpected color choice for fall, which is why we're loving this customizable tie top from Hazel & Rose. How will you style it to make it your own? Pistachio also looks great with fall colors, like pumpkin orange and plum.


Fall is a season of crazy weather changes: hot one day, pouring another, 55 one day, a 90-degree thunderstorm the next. Be prepared with a cool rain jacket like this one from Martinpatrick3.

Love the finer things in life? You need a cozy cashmere blanket for the chilly days, and Covered has the perfect one. Its $150 price tag isn’t exactly cheap, but you’ll reach for it every single day. Promise. Just don’t let your boyfriend steal it.

Nothing is cooler than a suit. Nothing. And this one from St. Paul boutique Idun is the coolest. It’s a little ‘90s, a little Euro, a little formal, and a little bit badass. Its versatility means it's the kind of thing you can wear forever.

Mules and slides aren’t going away any time soon, and neither is the ‘90s-esque block heel. Your feet will thank you if you treat them to these cute (and comfy) pairs from Grethen House. Plus, a pointed toe is ideal with fall skirts or cropped jeans.

A sleeveless tank dress is an essential basically all year-round, though it really shines in fall. You can layer it with a jacket or an open shirt, pop a tee under it for a ‘90s babysitter look, wear it with a cardigan and scarf for cool mornings, and shed said layers when it warms up layer in the day. When it’s chilly, you can add tights. It looks great with sandals, boots, heels, sneakers, bedhead … you name it. Parc has introduced the sustainable-chic Kowtow to its stores, and this camel-colored dress is practically perfection.


Hazel & Rose
Covered Uptown
Grethen House