Skinny jeans: Kid friendly?

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Retailers such as Gap and Old Navy have started marketing 'skinny jeans' and even 'super-skinny jeans' to school-aged children. Blogs have been buzzing about whether or not this trend is kid-friendly or encourages unhealthy body image. The most controversial of the bunch is the Old Navy skinny jeans that have "super skinny" embroidered into the waistband.

New York Magazine said this of the trend:

We grew up on patterned biker shorts with lace trim and other sorts of leggings a modern person with taste would probably sneeze at, so stylistically, the skinny jeans seem like a fine option for youngsters to us. And "skinny jeans" seems to have become more synonymous with a certain style of pant than a body type.

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The aforementioned "super skinny" jean.

Do you think this new sales practice is a harmless trend or an inappropriate message for young girls to see?

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