'Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance' is on view now at Highpoint

​World-renowned artist Carlos Amorales is currently presenting his new works via Highpoint Editions, part of the Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis. The new collection of collaborative works is called "Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance"; an intriguing title for the innovative pieces--some literally created by chance--by Amorales while at Highpoint. 

But don't let the mention of skeleton fool you: This exhibit has nothing to do with the Halloween items presently filling the shelves of your local retailer. It's more about getting down to the bones of imagery, the basic shapes at the center of what we see every day.

Amorales, based out of Mexico City, is presenting another set of mysteriously beautiful prints created out of what he calls his Liquid Archive--a sort of database of imagery collected by Amorales for the past ten years--of people, animals, digitized paint drips, and other eccentric motifs pulled from all facets of art and artistic expression. 

​Amorales' Highpoint prints feature his technique of taking these images and reinventing them through rotoscoping, an approach used in animation to trace and simplify shapes. By replicating and reformatting images from his Liquid Archive, he was able to once again produce an intriguing collection of silhouette skeleton prints. 

While generating these new ideas at Highpoint, Amorales explored relief printing, experimented with photocopier toner and floor wax, and used color in four relief prints by shaking plexi templates in a box, letting them fall where they may, and printing them where they landed, hence the tossed by chance idea.

The depth and range of technique and imagery used in Amorales' latest work can be viewed at Highpoint until November 30, 2010. The exhibit "Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance" is free and open to the public.

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