'Skate Related II' at XYandZ


Minnesota may have snow on the ground for many months of the year, but that doesn't mean it's not a great place for skateboarding. Last year, designer Mike Burrill organized "Skate Related," an art show at Tarnish & Gold Gallery that featured the work of skaters who also happen to be artists. This year, he's doing the show again, though it has moved to XYandZ Gallery. He hopes to make it an annual event. 

Burrill believes that the skateboarding community in Minneapolis "is a pretty special thing," and he's hoping to do anything he can to promote it. "I'm always surprised how much creativity there is in the skate community," he says.


Of course, Minneapolis typically has snow on the ground during the winter. So during those months, many skaters hang out at 3rd Lair SkatePark & SkateShop Golden Valley. "That's the hub of skateboarding here," he says. "Everybody's all crammed in there." On the other hand, when it gets warmer, skaters use anything and everything to skate on, as long as it's got concrete on it. "We're pretty creative," he says. 
Burrill is a graphic designer. He's been skateboarding since he was 12. "The guys I hang out with now are the guys I grew up with. They're all from around the Twin Cities area," he says. "It's a really tight-knit community. Everybody knows everybody else. That's one thing I've noticed here as opposed to other places. Everybody has each other's back."

Burrill likens the "Skate Related" show to "Art Crank," only instead of bike-inspired art it's skate-inspired. He has even spoken to Charles Youel from "Art Crank" to give him some pointers. On display for the show will be screen printed posters, photos, and video pieces. "All the work is about skateboarding," he says. 

Some highlights of the show include work by Michael Gaughan (one of City Pages' 100 Creatives), Luke Hunt, Eric Vermilyea, and Matthew Jenkins. Other featured artists include Mark Rivard, Pete Spooner, John Dewey, John Lindsay, Alex Oskie, David Dresbach,Trevor Burks, Aaron Christensen, Joe Garvey, Matt Parker, James Penfield, Brita Thompson, and Oakley Tapola. 


"Skate Related 2"

Opening reception 8 p.m. Thursday (tonight)


3258 Minnehaha Ave. S., Minneapolis

The show, sponsored by Familia Skateshop and Pabst Blue Ribbon, will include the premiere of Magazelle in the adjacent Trylon microcinema.