Silverwood Park's Latest Gallery Show Finds Order in Nature

Asako Nakauchi detail

Asako Nakauchi detail

Two artists are in search of a poetic order at the upcoming show at Silverwood Gallery. While working in very different mediums, artists Keren Kroul and Asako Nakauchi both have a sense of sequencing and a science-y aesthetic. Their dual show, "Lyrical Structures," opens today.

Gallery coordinator Eileen Cohen notes that both artists connect to the environment, and show a sensitivity to their materials. Kroul and Nakauchi, chosen by a small panel after a call for proposals, were paired together in part because both have elements of repetition in their work. For the show, topics such as energy, emotions, and resilience are also explored.

Kroul, whose watercolors on paper take on geometrical forms, is interested in creating structures and worlds. She does this with abstract interpretation of crystalline formations and "things you might see under a microscope," Cohen says. 

Nakauchi, meanwhile, work with discarded and cast off materials. One piece employs coffee filters dripped in resin and assembled into pods, creating long thick structures and spears that look like sea life. Another piece uses VHS tapes. Nakauchi has made them into individual ribbons, and placed on the window. "It's really interesting because the ribbon becomes like mercury; it's very fluid," she says. "It looks like birds migrating, or a swarm of bees." 

The end result for both artists' work is a kind of dream-like science, one that embraces order but in a poetic, beautiful way. 

As part of the Three Rivers District, Silverwood Gallery aims to connect people to the environment through the arts. Priority is given to artists who connect people to the environment, whether that be through materials or subject matter. 


"Lyrical Structures"

 Silverwood Gallery at Silverwood Park

2500 Cty. Rd. E., St. Anthony; 763-694-7707

Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The opening reception is on Thursday, March 12 from 6 to 8 p.m.