Shutdown events call for organizing, music, and dancing


While the politicians squabble over whether or not to increase taxes on millionaires, thousands of state workers have been laid off, and Minnesotans today are seeing a loss of basic services that the state provides. Some groups aren't taking the situation lying down, and are organizing events in Powderhorn and the West Bank where people can come and get information, socialize, swap goods, listen to music, and dance the night away. 


Today at 5 p.m. an ad-hoc group is organizing Shut down, rise up! at Powderhorn park. A free meal will be served, courtesy of Sisters Camelot and others, followed by a general assembly. The event will include resource sharing, as well as a free-stuff trading market (so bring things you'd like to swap). There will also be an open mic where musicians can take the stage. Lucas de Gracia, the press contact for the event, says that a specific music group hasn't yet been secured for the event, but any musician is encouraged to show up and take the stage.  

Later on in the evening, another event takes place on the West Bank called the Shutdown Street Party. Initially, the group running the event at Powderhorn and the group running the Shutdown Dance Party had a tighter relationship de Gracia says, but are still in contact with each other. In any case, the party starts at 10:30 p.m. at Cedar and Sixth Street. "When the Government shuts down, they'll ask us to tighten our belts," a flier reads for the event. "Fuck that, let's party."  What the night will bring is anybody's guess, but hey, while we wait for things to get back to normal (hopefully?) why not blow off some steam?  The website states that the party will be "a great chance for us to reinvent our world without relying on politicians." They encourage people to bring ideas, noise, tools, friends, gifts to share, art supplies, food, and "whatever."