Show X improv determined to annihilate predictability

Let's say your life has been lacking in spontaneity lately. You've worn a groove in the sofa, and you've driven the same route to work for so long that you could get there in your sleep (maybe you already have). If that's the case, it might be high time to take in some improv tonight, and the performers assembled for Show X are as good as you're going to find. 

Improv comedy is about the art of slipping into a zone in which inventions wrought from thin air careen into an uncanny and hopefully hilarious idea space. The discipline verges on the mystical for those who practice it, dating back to the bizarre life-meets-art crazy man guru Del Close

There's a strong and inventive improv community in the Twin Cities, as anyone knows who has ever stayed for the after-show set at the Brave New Workshop--while many of the performers in those manic sets have just finished an evening performing sketch comedy, they also draw in other improv comedians to walk the high wire with them. 

Over at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater tonight you'll find a dream team of local improv daredevils. Making it up on the fly will be members of Huge Theater, Ferrari McSpeedy, Splendid Things, Fingergun, Five Man Job, Comedysportz, and the Brave New Workshop. 

It's a real art, pulling laughter and absurdity from the ether. However successful you might be at it yourself at the moment, there's a decent chance of witnessing some genuine flashes of alchemy at Show X. And you'll give that sofa a chance to recover from the punishment you've been inflicting upon it all winter long. 

Show X runs Monday nights through May 24. Showtime is 8:00 p.m., admission is $5. For tickets call 612.825.8949 or click here