'Show Us Yer 'Stache' and win big this Movember

'Show Us Yer 'Stache' and win big this Movember
Last year's awesome winner, Chris Sorensen

November is a beloved month in the U.S. for bringing us its tailgating parties, football games, bonfires, the Macy's Parade, and Thanksgiving. But it is also known as "Movember," a month-long holiday that is celebrated worldwide. During this time, men are encouraged to grow and show off mustaches at art parties, rock shows, and bar crawls. Proceeds from these events benefit men's health organizations, especially those that fight cancers that especially affect men.  

City Pages is getting into the Movember spirit with our third annual Show Us Yer 'Stache contest. We're inviting folks with mighty, dandy, manly, wild, and well-maintained 'staches to share their awesome looks with our readers for the chance to win kick-ass prizes.

So, what can you win? Come take a look. Here's how to enter to win:

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'Show Us Yer 'Stache' and win big this Movember

To enter to win, simply send us an image of your mustache to [email protected]. Do you have a few thoughts to share about your look? Please do in the email!

City Pages staff will then select the top contenders. Pictures and quotes will be posted online for our readers to decide who rocks their 'stache best later this month. Entries must be received by Monday, November 26.

The winner will have to pick up his prize in at our office. So no Photoshop, prosthetics, or submitting googled images. We'll be waiting to see your awesome 'stache in person. 

The man with the mightiest and most popular mustache will win:


$50 from the Red Stag

$50 from Pat's Tap

$50 from Bryant-Lake Bowl

$50 from Barbette

$50 from Jax Cafe


$50 from Midwest Supplies


$75 from Martin Patrick 3


(Prestige not guaranteed.)

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