Should we be freaking out? Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees is at the bottom of Crystal Lake



Forget Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. The body of Jason Voorhees, the bionic homocidal maniac from the Friday the 13th series, rests in Crystal Lake near Crosby, Minnesota. 

Generally recreational scuba divers don't want to find a body in the water. This dude is one rare exception. In 2013, artist Curtis Lahr created a statue of the horror icon and installed it 120 feet down in the popular diving site, formerly an old iron ore pit.

Diving footage by Lahr on YouTube in 2014 shows Voorhees trapped in chains, a machete by his side, his eyes wide behind his hockey mask.

In true YouTube comment-section fashion, people were soon confusing the statue with the "real" thing.

"Jason is a fictional character, there is no such thing as a 'real' Jason," he warns in the post. "This is simply a statue of the character. To comment this video is 'fake' implies you believe he is a real person. Like Santa Claus."

Years later, Lahr went back for a second dive. A new video he posted to Youtube last October was discovered this week by Dread Central, a webste devoted to horror movies.

Jason is looking pretty creepy, though these days he's covered in algae. The horror homage still looks spooky as hell.

Check out the footage below.