Shoebox Gallery founder Sean Smuda has a new storefront space

Folks checking out the Shoebox Gallery.

Folks checking out the Shoebox Gallery.

Many folks were bummed out when Robert's Shoes closed in 2014, taking the Shoebox Gallery with it. Artist and founder Sean Smuda now has a new storefront space, Pirsig Projects, on the same block.

The gallery is named after Robert Pirsig, who wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance while living in the building. The noted author died this year.

Pirsig Projects is located at Pain Management Centers at 734 East Lake Street in Minneapolis, right by the Midtown Global Market. They already have an art show up. "Deep State" is part exhibition, part performance, as Smuda is showcasing prints and inviting neighbors to set up an appointment to share stories of the neighborhood, which will be incorporated into another project. (You can email [email protected] to set up an appointment.)

Over its 11 years, Shoebox Gallery and Smuda's art studio, which is located in the same building, hosted a variety of performances, projects, and art shows. That included a video installation that scared drugs dealers from an alleyway, a pop-up waffle-making dance party, and a map of UFO sightings in the Midwest.