Shia LaBeouf hitchhiked through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota yesterday

He's not traveling the US with Bumblebee, but you get the general idea.

He's not traveling the US with Bumblebee, but you get the general idea.

Have you spotted Shia LaBeouf on the road recently? 

This summer, the Transformers star turned performance artist has been hitchhiking through the U.S. with artists Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner. Since May, he has been to Philadelphia, New Orleans, and cities in Utah, Michigan, and more.

LaBoeuf was spotted taking a boat in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Sunday night, and was seen in Sheboygan Monday morning. Last night, he made his way through Minnesota.  

The trio aren't just sticking their thumbs out on the side of the road, however. LaBeouf has been posting GPS coordinates via his Twitter, @thecampaignbook. From there, they wait for someone to pick them up, destination unknown. Their progress can be tracked via or through following the #TAKEMEANYWHERE hashtag. Last night, the ticker was moving along Interstate 90, where he cruised through Minnesota on his way to South Dakota.

So, why are they doing this? Because, art. "There's definitely an Easy Rider kind of nostalgia to it, but there's also a futuristic Blade Runner GPS thing going on," said LaBoeuf to Vice last month about the project.

It looks like the travels have been fun, as photos of the actor smiling with fans have been popping up on Facebook and Twitter:





So where is he now? This is the latest picture shared from his Instagram account: