SHER demonstrates graffiti process [VIDEO]


City Pages asked SHER, the local graffiti writer featured in our cover story "Above the Law," to paint a "CP" piece on canvas, demonstrating the process and technique of graffiti writing. We thought it would be exciting to document it in a time-lapse video for readers.
 While keeping the physical identity of SHER concealed, we filmed the evolution of the work to serve as a quick primer to the basic steps in this kind of aerosol project. For many writers, there is no sketching process; you simply go out bombing late at night with a backpack full of various cans of paint using the freeform technique. Inspiration often comes from the urban surroundings, various blackbooks, and cars around town. Here, you see SHER hit up the canvas with a rough outline, begin to add fill to the letters in his name, and then the shadows and highlights.

SHER painted on a canvas primed with acrylic paint (so that it could be mobile), and took no longer than an hour and a half. He observed that the surface behaved differently than masonry. The sealed surface had less dripping, and takes paint better, but it also took a bit longer to dry. Graffiti artists usually prefer to work within a larger space than this. The larger the better, in fact. Think train cars, billboards, and building walls.

The video was created using the Canon 7D, and Canon's TC-80N3 wired remote, which triggered the shutter every 5 seconds to capture each movement.

For a free download of the rare track and graffiti anthem "Nocturnal Terrorist Squad" by local rap duo Semi.Official (I Self Devine and DJ Abilities) off of their Anti-Album (2003), visit Gimme Noise here.

For more information about learning the process and techniques of graffiti writing, check out the following local organizations:

Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

2007 Emerson Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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