See Reese Witherspoon transform into Cheryl Strayed as shooting begins on movie version of Wild

Strayed about 900 miles and two months into her hike at Crater Lake, Oregon, in August 1995. At right, Wild in hardcover.
Strayed about 900 miles and two months into her hike at Crater Lake, Oregon, in August 1995. At right, Wild in hardcover.
image of Strayed courtesy the author

Cheryl Strayed, our favorite local girl made good, has had a big week.

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There's been publishing success: This year's edition of the annual collection Best American Essays, which she edited, debuted in spot 15 on the New York Times bestseller list.

There's been media attention: On Sunday, Strayed popped up on the cover of the Times' "Styles" section (the same part of the paper that ran the recent guide to our dating scene), in an article about how her blockbuster memoir, Wild, has inspired hikers to take to the Pacific Crest Trail.

But most exciting for fans of Strayed and her writing: there's been news from Hollywood. Over this past week, pictures have started leaking out from the set of the movie version of Wild, and they show star Reese Witherspoon looking remarkably like 26-year-old Strayed (but blonder).

The movie is filming in Oregon. Brit writer Nick Hornby adapted Strayed's memoir for the screenplay, and director Jean-Marc Vallee is at the helm. Fox Searchlight and Witherspoon's own company are producing.

The early images from set also include a shot of Witherspoon in her version of Strayed's famous hiking boots:

Strayed herself visited set for a few days at the beginning of this month. Before filming started, she and Witherspoon got some bonding in: The two women spent Strayed's birthday in the author's neighborhood in Portland, grabbing lunch and coffee, and pulling out Strayed's old gear from her PCT hike.

Portlandians didn't flinch at having a movie star in their midst, Strayed reported after. "Not one person messed with her," she wrote on her Facebook page. "Though the young woman at Peet's very sweetly said, 'It's Reese, right?' when she got to the part where she needed to ask her for her name to write on the side of the cup."

For more on Strayed, check out our profile of her: Cheryl Strayed calls upon her Minnesota roots before resurrecting Oprah's book club

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