Scott Seekins shares images from his ongoing project

Japanese: "My wish came true"
Japanese: "My wish came true"
Photo by Ann Marsden

Since 2006 local artist Scott Seekins has been inviting folks to photograph him holding a sign of their creation.

Participants over the past five years have included bartenders, bloggers, budding artists, and established photographers. The project, which is currently totaling over 50 images, continues to expand.

Seekins recently stopped by City Pages offices to share images from his collection.

Scott Seekins shares images from his ongoing project
Rick Dublin

While the premise for the project is simple, and the set up for each image repetitive in theory (most pics appear to be taken near a strip of land by the Walker Art Center and the Basilica), the resulting pictures are striking in their individuality. It is their variances in tone, composition, and even slight adjustments in setting that make them fascinating to peruse. Moods and sign messages range from somber to playful to political to stark to colorfully alive.

While the project continues to grow, Seekins hopes to eventually exhibit the work in its entirety. Like most artists though, he has struggled with finances; the cost to print and frame a show this prolific is daunting. Individuals who have photographed Seekins include Wing Young Huie, Mike Dvorak, Kate Iverson, and many, many others.

Scott Seekins shares images from his ongoing project
Heidi Marie

While there is currently no studio-housed gallery exhibition in the works, folks interested can view the project--if they can find Seekins. The artist notoriously spends much of his days walking and bussing about the Twin Cities in what he terms his "Walking Living Gallery." He attributes this desire to wander to his gypsy heritage. If you see him, be sure to stop and chat as he is usually willing to discuss and show his work to anyone interested (most pieces are also available for purchase on the spot from the binder he carries).

You can check out some of the images from the project in our online slideshow, Scott Seekins, a sign, and a camera.

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